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My Gumtree Post an ad. All the kittens are great tempered and great with kids. They will be wormed, flea free and litter trained. She's an indoor cat and toilet trained. Royal Canin kitten pack or Ivory coat.
Banshee - Age: 28
Price - 79$

Super friendly ,beautiful babies.

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He is very loving and a great company for all ages. Unfortunately we are not able to take care of her anymore, hoping she's able to find a nice home and new owner.

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NZCF registered birman breeder Christchurch New Zealand, Birman, Birmans, Birman Kittens, Birman kittens Christchurch, Birmans Canterbury, NZ, Birmans. Skyhaven Birmans is a cattery that specializes in raising affectionate, healthy, big -blue-eyed Birmans from Grand Champion lines. All of our special kittens are purebred from CFA Grand Champion lines. and beauty of the Birman Standard! healthy, affectionate Birman kittens and adult cats are available for sale to loving. Shots, well kitten exam, neutered .Price reduced photos added 9/2/ PHILLIP BABY OIC. PHILLPI BABY PIC. PHILLIP BABY PIC. PHILLIP 5/4/ PHILLIP.
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Bella - Age: 21
Price - 136$

She loves being close to you, on your lap, getting patted and rubbed. We have one cream point Birman female kitten available. She was born on 20 October, and will be available from 12 weeks old.

CH Skyhaven Lady of the Lake & GC , BW, RW Skyhaven Leopold Mozart, siblings

Royal Canin kitten pack or Ivory coat. Super friendly ,beautiful babies. They are extremely well socialised as they reside indoors with my other cats. Ziggy has enjoyed success on the Show bench at various shows throughout the last two years. Mount Alexander Area Muckleford.
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Alice - Age: 21
Price - 150$

The parents have been DNA checked to ensure all inheritable diseases are negative.
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Bikhata Birmans is a small cattery owned by Sue DeLadi and John Japs located tradition of naming our kittens with our cattery name first and the kitten name. We have for sale some absolutely gorgeous Birman kittens for sale, 3 males are . birman kitty Birman Kittens, Beautiful Kittens, Animals Beautiful, Kittens And. Birquest Birmans is a very small cattery, located in Northwest Arkansas. Birquest prides itself A well-socialized kitten is a wonderful pet experience. These are.
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