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He is buried in his father's grave at St. A year later, he was discovered there, and his circumstances were widely publicized, leading to appeals from such figures as H. Archived from the original on 18 May Of particular note, Fitzgerald indicates that while Wain's art took on a more abstract nature as he grew older, schizophrenic cat artist technique and skill as a painter did not diminish, as one would expect from a person with schizophrenia. Looking at Wain's late work, O'Flynn sees a greater experimentation and use of colour, not a deterioration. At the age of 23, Wain married his sisters' governessEmily Richardson, who was ten years his senior which was considered quite scandalous at the schizophrenic cat artistand moved with her to Hampstead in north London. The onset of Wain's schizophrenia may have been precipitated by Toxoplasma gondiia parasite which is schizophrenic cat artist by cats in their faeces.
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Kevin Van Eeckelen, in an article about psychotic patterns proposed that evidence of deterioration was found in Louis Wain's earlier narrative work, for instance in his Louis Wain Kitten Book Retrieved 25 June His work is now highly collectible, but forgeries are common.

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Louis Wain - Wikipedia

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Louis Wain

Louis Wain was an English artist known for drawing cats, going crazy, and then drawing more cats. Later in his life he developed schizophrenia. not only was the person who painted these not schizophrenic, the paintings likely weren't .. I don't like to fuck with artist cats that do drugs. You might not have heard of Louis Wain, an unquestionable cat fanatic, loving husband & schizophrenia sufferer. But his is a story of many tails.
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Maclay concluded that the creative ability of people with schizophrenia deteriorated. The Man Who Drew Cats , has criticised the belief that the paintings can be used as an example of Wain's deteriorating mental health, arguing that "Wain experimented with patterns and cats, and even quite late in life was still producing conventional cat pictures, perhaps 10 years after his [supposedly] 'later' productions which are patterns rather than cats.

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At one point, he hoped to make a living by drawing dog portraits. She died before this happened, but he continued to make cat sketches. Rodney Dale, the author of Louis Wain: Prior to Emily's death, Wain discovered the subject that would define his career. Wain also created a number of ceramic pieces produced by Amphora Ceramics.
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He is buried in his father's grave at St.
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Louis Wain was an English artist known for drawing cats, going crazy, and then drawing more cats. Later in his life he developed schizophrenia. Before Wain, cats in England were often thought of with contempt but his work . the product of schizophrenia or were they merely an artist experimenting with a. Curious to know what a Schizophrenic sees or feels? Louis Wain an English artist known for his drawings that usually featured cats, a look at his art gives us.
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