Cornish rex kittens ohio

Who wouldn't love that? Please let me know the address to which I can send you a check for the deposit. Hes about 8 lbs. She was only timid for about 5 Minutes and then instantly opened up. Below we have pictures of some of our wonderful kitties in their new homes from some of our satisfied cornish rex kittens ohio.
Teddy - Age: 26
Price - 133$

If someone ever purposely hurt this cat, Id go nutts on them.

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Kitty rode in the bed on my lap almost the whole way.

Cornish Rex – A Curly Coated Cat!

Corish Rex cattery, Cornish Rex cats, Corishrex cattery, Corishrex cats. Kaylee is one of the few breeders in the USA that scans all of its breeding cats for HCM. CORNISH REX CATS AND KITTENS Breeding and showing for over thirty-five years. Elite Cornish Rex kitten from Europe with excellent pedigree, female. In excellent b. Brooklyn, New York» Cornish Rex». $1, New!!!Elite Cornish Rex kitten.
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Lucifer - Age: 23
Price - 170$

He loves all the clients and greets them when awake. He was a little timid yesterday but he has really opened up a lot since we first got him home.


Seal point and white. He's a great pet, couldn't picture a day without the little guy. I am also very proud of Ramen today, I know you will appreciate this story. When my daughter calls Sunshine, Sunshine comes running and meows back to her in response. Likes to nap on my shoulder close to my neck and purr till he falls asleep. I with their new mommy Carolyn and their already Devon Rex pet friendly Gracie.
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Amber - Age: 26
Price - 65$

She has been sleeping with, cuddling with and saving all her loving purrs mostly for my 12 year old daughter.
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Description: Hand raised and socialized Cornish Rex kittens! Typical Cornish Rex personalities very social, affectionate, and funny! All of my breeding cats are. That was, until, I got to handle & play with a friend's Cornish Rex at the shows. We had kittens the same age & since she was handicapped, I would help her. We are also selective about placing our kittens in homes of responsible pet owners who will provide the best Member of the CFA Cornish Rex Breed Council.
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