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However, at 2 our vet moved, and the new one says cat bobbing head has nerve damage, not ch. Percy sounds like a special cat! Not so much his sister. I just recently adopted a three-month old male Russian Blue, whom I renamed Etienne they were mean and named him Weebles from Petsmart and their Vet diagnosed him as having CH It appears to cat bobbing head a moderate case. I also cover the pads with newspaper because it allows us to use less pads overall, and saves money.
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Hi to you and Etienne!

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Head Tremors in Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats | Life with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

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He drags himself up the stairs, and then pulls himself up onto the bed, and snuggles up with me. Wondering if he has this.

Head Tremors in Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

One of the more serious diseases that cause head shaking and bobbing in cats is feline infectious peritonitis. The Cornell University College of. When his owner turns on "Hotline Bling," this cat knows his jam is on, and makes the most of the listening experience by bobbing his head in. Tremors in Cats Localized cases usually affect the head or hind limbs. Your veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam on your cat after taking a.
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Sometimes she does some very weird things, so this makes a lot of sense. She shakes her head from time to time for a few seconds.

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They may also be brought on by stress, fear or fatigue, but the tremor usually passes in a few moments. One of my latest kittens has CH and the only real problem I have had with him is feeding as this is when he head shakes the most but I have bought a soft rubber dish and he is catching up with his bros although it is a very messy event but otherwise he is the most playful happy adventurous kitten I have ever had the pleasure of meeting love my lil Shakie and he has his forever home x. He is doing great and is happy, can walk and run with a limp on his right side, as the damage affected his right mortor cortex. Have you had a chance to consult your vet? I have told my story so many times without any feedback. My cat is 15 years old. I was reading the posts because something similar is happening to my one-year old cat.
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We recently adopted a kitty who we believe has CH.
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Welcome to the petMD Cat Symptom Checker, where you can easily search our 1,+ cat health articles based on the symptoms your Head, Neck and Nose. Stretched out on a bed, the cat and its owner are seen bobbing their heads in time to the beat of R&B hit Hotline Bling, by Canadian rapper. While he didn't have the tremors until a year ago, it does bobble like the cats heads in some of the videos. I'm going to have him checked out by another vet soon.
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