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Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube to expel the entire contents directly on the skin. Advantage II for cats provides multi-stage flea control effectively breaking all flea life-cycle stages for lasting control of flea populations. I wish Advantage 2 small cat would have went ahead and researched further before feeling confident in the frontline we were at a point where we were going to bomb our house because they advantage 2 small cat that bad. It also offers additional larvicidal properties when compared with imidacloprid alone. It only needs to be applied once a month and is for cats and kittens 8 weeks of age or older.
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Not for human use. However, it remains the responsibility of the readers to familiarize themselves with the product information contained on the US product label or package insert.

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Advantage II Flea Treatment for Small Cats 5 lbs to 9 lbs & Ferrets, 6 treatments -

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Keep out of reach of children. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for cats. I like that this product works quickly and deters further infestation.

Advantage II Flea Treatment for Small Cats 5 lbs to 9 lbs & Ferrets Bayer Animal Health Advantage II Small Cat 6-Pack: Pet Supplies . Advantage II for Small Cats is a topical flea prevention and treatment intended for use on cats and kittens 8 weeks and older weighing 5 to 9 lbs. Learn more about Advantage® II for cats, a convenient monthly topical application for the treatment and prevention of fleas on cats.
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Customers may receive old packaging during this transition. Call your local solid waste agency or for disposal instructions. Waterproof formula continues working for up to four weeks, even after bathing.

Active Ingredients

Side Effects Monitor your cat after application, Side effects, although very rare, may include signs of skin irritation such as redness, scratching, or other signs of discomfort. We bought Frontline and it didn't work Advantage II for cats is waterproof and remains effective following a shampoo treatment or after exposure to rain or sunlight. So if you have a flea infestation you have to be patient, it will work, just not completely until all the eggs and larvae are gone! Help stop the misery of biting fleas with Advantage II. Treatment of cats with Advantage II for cats rapidly kills fleas and reduces the incidence of this condition.
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The first active ingredient kills adult fleas by targeting their nervous system, while the second works as an insect growth regulator that kills flea eggs and larvae.
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Advantage II provides flea control for cats, dogs & ferrets by killing flea eggs and larvae to prevent infestation. Advantage 2 begins working in 12 hours to kill. Bayer Advantage II Flea Treatment for Small Cats, lb, 4 doses: Pet Flea Drops: Pet Supplies. Remember, if your cat has fleas, you have fleas! Advantage II isn't just great for cats! Advantage II Flea Treatment for small cat lbs. is also registered for use.
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