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Overall, with 26 varieties reviewed producing an average score of 5. I haven't heard back yet but I actually contacted the Petsmart website people and it was on a long weekend so it may take some time I'll be patient for a bit yet, but will for sure try petsmart brand cat food if I don't get any answers in the near future. Hi, I'm in Canada too, and my guy also has kidney issues, so I am very interested to know the phosphorus content of Grreat Choice. It is not on Dr. I can call the petsmart brand cat food too but figured I'd see if anyone is using it here first I've been looking on Dr Lisas list and some of the other lists but didn't see it on any of them.
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Confession, I still take a printout of the spreadsheet to the store too! She has very pretty coloring. Thanks for any help you can give.

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The Canadian Special Kitty varieties contain wheat gluten and other carbs, so are inappropriate.

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Items With high-quality canned cat food from PetSmart, you can keep her healthy and happy. Wet foods provide both nutrition and hydration in a range of. 32 Items Sign In & Enjoy Free Shipping Over $ items per page: 24; View All (32). 1; 2. Refine Your Results By: Featured Brands / Authority / Cat Food. Clear All. 19 Items Solid Gold cat food includes unique recipes customized for every health need and life stage. Find Solid Gold kitten food and senior formulas, with gluten.
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Lacey - Age: 26
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BJM , Mar 28,

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Hopefully I can get some more info on additional low carb ones so it can at least help anyone on the site who is interested in trying this food for diabetic cats, to add to the wonderful sheet you did up. Congratulations on having Chyna Off-The-Juice!! Our diabetic kitty needs much less insulin and has lost several pounds, making him more of a healthy weight now. I got the nutritional info on several of the lower carb flavors in an email from the manufacturer Feb of , and I loaded it into a spreadsheet. Yes, their house brand used to be Sophisticat. Authority Pate Entree Mature - Chicken. I'll for sure post when I find anything out.
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You're welcome, just keep me posted.
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Company: The Honest Kitchen makes dog and cat food with high-quality, You' ve turned down the chance to be in PetSmart and Petco. by teenage kids who don't care what you walk out with, is a good home for my brand. 32 Items Sign In & Enjoy Free Shipping Over $ items per page: 24; View All (32). 1; 2. Refine Your Results By: Featured Brands / Authority / Cat Food. Clear All. 77 Items items from the following brands: Advantage®, API®, AquaClear®, Aqueon®, AvoDerm®, Blue Buffalo®, CatMouse, Cesar®, Comfort Zone®, Chuckit!.
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