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However, he just wanted to return home. By using this site, you agree to the Log horizon cat of Use and Privacy Policy. The Harvesters are described as creatures of slightly lesser intelligence smush ball cat observers that were artificially created on the Moon using the bodies of monsters with powerful combat capabilities. Having underwent a great tragedy many years in the past, while he can sympathize those who want to use Elder Tale as an escape, he also believes that it's important to face reality. Log horizon cat Observers are described as artificial intelligences which arrived in log horizon cat universe containing the world of Elder Tales during an event which they call "Match".
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An Artifact-class reward received at the end of a long quest.

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Prior to the Apocalypse they had limited responses and mannerisms to interaction by adventurers and would normally assign quests to them and present rewards should they be completed. Gentlemen cats are also always punctual, nya.

Nyanta "Adventurer, Chief"

Cat Food was a guild in Elder Tale prior to disbanding. Its guild master was Tamasaburo, and Nyanta was a member of that guild. Not much is known about Cat. This is a list of characters in the Japanese novel series Log Horizon written by Mamare Touno. . Before the Apocalypse he was part of a guild called "The Cat Food Guild", which was composed solely of cat people. It disbanded after their. Read more information about the character Nyanta from Log Horizon? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and.
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While the Ragranda Forest group fights off abnormally large numbers of Goblins , Nyanta rides on his Griffon and observes an alarmingly large group of Goblins, numbering over a thousand. Nyanta goes over to The Roderick Firm to see its guild master with a letter from Shiroe.

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A pair of Phantasmal-class rapiers created from the White Dragon Lindworm, which were incarnated into meteor and lightning. Works by Mamare Touno. Its position is akin to the real world's Sapporo. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sword belt said to be tailor-made for the Fairy King's military uniform.
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As they left the city, they fearlessly lured Demiqas into accepting a duel against Nyanta, planning to teach the guild a lesson.
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Log Horizon unites Akiba through a council of guilds where it wields disproportionate power due to the respect Shiroe commands. In the Log Horizon: Nyanta's Fortune Recipes manga, he is revealed to have been a In a conversation with the guild master of Cat Food, his previous guild, . Cat Food was a guild in Elder Tale prior to disbanding. Its guild master was Tamasaburo, and Nyanta was a member of that guild. Not much is known about Cat.
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