How many years do cat live

Felines may not take to the treadmill, but offering your cat regular physical activity helps keep her weight down, and provides mental stimulation too. If they become overweight how many years do cat live obese, their lives can be shortened by complications ranging from diabetes to liver disease. Annual vet exams, especially as cats age, will spotlight any bodily changes or potential health problems. Rehome a pet We find homes for unwanted cats, dogs, small pets and horses across the UK. Some purebred cats mature at different ages than so-called common cats. Some of the reasons that cats are living longer these days are:.
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Guiness, Oldest Cat Ever.

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How long do cats live? | Animal Planet

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But don't let that stop you from adopting; just because cats' lifespans are shorter than ours doesn't mean that they can't be filled with love, fun, and memories that will last for YOUR entire lifetime. The benefits of this can be seen in the increase in human lifespans as well as those of our pets, due to:.

How long do cats live?

Cats may not really have nine lives, but factors such as diet, healthcare and environment can have an impact on how long a cat can live. The average lifespan of an indoor, spayed or neutered cat is between 14 and 16 years of age. While these are the average numbers, many cats can live much. Cats usually live longer than dogs, but many factors can affect their lifespan. Learn more about how Watch Now: How Long Do Cats Live?.
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A Siamese cat's life expectancy is about 15 years, while for Persians it can be up to While dependent on many things, including luck, some domestic cats can live to up to 20 years old. At this age your cat will be the human equivalent of someone in their mid-forties to mid-fifties.


Neutered males are less prone to prostate problems or testicular cancer; spayed females face less risk from breast cancer, ovarian cysts and tumors, or uterine infections. Life stages Kitten up to six months. One thing is for sure, no matter how much time you have with your sweet kitty-cat, it will never seem like enough. In general, a cat is considered a senior when he reaches his 9th birthday -- the equivalent of the mids for humans. Finally, a tranquil home environment, populated by those she loves, will keep your kitty content at every life stage. Cats who have been spayed or neutered are calmer, but also burn fewer calories.
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Just as with humans, cats living a healthy lifestyle improve their chances of marking more birthdays.
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The cliché is that cats have nine lives, though their actual longevity depends on more than folklore. The Internet is littered with tales of cats in. Indoor cats generally live from years of age. Many There are many things you can do to help your feline friend live happily through their golden years. The average lifespan of an indoor, spayed or neutered cat is between 14 and 16 years of age. While these are the average numbers, many cats can live much.
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