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Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use MyCorgi. Now, we corgi and cat two cats. The kitten was extremely curious, having not been around a dog in 4 months, and came over to sniff Zed more. Sometimes I'd lock my kitties up and let my corgi patrol around the living room Disney Corgi and cat 38 members 81 Comments 3 Likes. I think it helped that Anubis was already established in the house when I got the dogs.
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Then Isis decided that she didn't want his nose so close to the cage bars and she nipped him. Zed went nose to nose with a 6 month old kitten sniffing

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Corgis and Cats? -

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They are both older than 8 years. Wont say that occasionally a small chase doesnt ensure but never have my guys or any of my fosters ever attempt to hurt a cat.

Corgis and Cats?

Corgis and cats make very good friends after getting used to each other. You will often find them playing and chasing each other around the house. The chasing. Most Pembroke Welsh Corgis are fine with other family pets. But they're often territorial with strange dogs and cats – as a working farm dog, one of his. Hello! I am thinking about getting a Pembroke welsh corgi puppy but I have 2 cats currently that I love very much. I was wondering if any corgi.
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He gets along with them fine. But overall, Rusty is great with the cats.

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I brought him into a house with 2 dog scared cats. Hi, I have 4 cats at the moment, with 2 corgis. He has no access to cellar where their litterbox is so that is not an issue, We did end up also moving the cats food down cellar so Byron would not have access to it. My basenji always saw cats as prey, the Corgis see cat as playmates - any cat, much to the poor kitties surprise. Ein loved to play with the rats when he was a puppy. Sometimes if Rusty the corgi gets too playful, the cat will wander away and ignore him, but he'll be right back as soon as Rusty calms down.
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He was a puppy at the time - they all worked it out. If they ever need to get away from him, they just go hang out there. Disney Corgis 38 members 81 Comments 3 Likes.
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A viral video showing cats and dogs can live in harmony. This cat and Corgi go from a tumultuous beginning to the happiest of interspecies relationships. Oliver is a friendly and playful little guy looking for a loving home. He is still a pup so he would benefit greatly from puppy obedience classes. His new family.
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