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When he tame wild kitten the mechanism, the trap will close. The more people your kitten meets, the more socialized and ready for adoption she will be! It won't harm the kitty, it will simply enclose him. Remember, patience is key! Do not attempt to pet the kitten until he comes to you.
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Older kittens may need more time in the cage or carrier. Robe snuggle mode, courtesy of Pamela.

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3 Ways to Tame a Feral Kitten - wikiHow

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Place a cardboard box in the room so the kitten has somewhere to hide. General Communication info carolsferals.

How Does One Tame a Wild Kitten That Is Over Two Months Old?

Taming feral kittens: With patience and skill, you too can tame wild kitties -- bringing domesticated bundles of furry, purring love into your life. The optimum time to tame feral/wild kittens is when they are 5/6 weeks old. In normal circumstances, kittens should remain with their mother until they are. By taming a feral kitten, you are preparing that kitten to be placed for adoption. You will be turning a hissy, spitting little demon into a sweet, playful kitten that can.
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How to Tame a Feral Kitten Over 2 Months Old

Keep the kitten in its carrier bag for 2 days and avoid handling it. Young kittens should not be given toys with catnip in them. Once your kitten is comfortable being held, invite other people in your household or friends to hold, play, and feed the kitten. If you plan on keeping the kitten, make sure it has all its shots, and introduce it to your household slowly. Following are some tools to help you get started: Talking to the kitten will help it become familiar with your voice and help it bond with you.
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This will help get your kitten adjusted to new people and experiences.
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The optimum time to tame feral/wild kittens is when they are 5/6 weeks old. In normal circumstances, kittens should remain with their mother until they are. How to Tame a Feral Kitten. Taming a feral kitten is a slow but rewarding process. Before you decide to adopt the kitten as your own, check that it isn't. Kittens born to street cats, whether the mother is feral or friendly, are wild and need to be 'socialized' (tamed) in order to be suitable for adoption.
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