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He is so sweet to me even though he was pure feral 7 years ago. I'm also thinking of bringing the stray cat with me as well as I have kinda adopted him into moving with an outdoor cat family plus I would hate to leave him behind since he was so skinny before we started to feed him! You're a true gem! And, honestly, if you can't be bothered to do that, you probably don't need to have a cat—or any pet, for that matter. But this is not the first catastr To prevent the cat trying to return to its old home, we were advised to keep him inside for moving with an outdoor cat week or so, slowly transitioning to more time outside.
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They figure it out pretty quickly.

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They've only recently become interested in the front door and it's only a vague interest.

How on earth do you move with an outdoor cat?

Remembering this and planning ahead can help your cat to have a Moving home can be traumatic for an indoor cat who may not be used to. DEAR JOAN: I read your column about moving with indoor kitties; I would appreciate any tips for making a move of miles with a mostly. After you move to a new home, your outdoor cat may need help adjusting. Use these tips to help ease the transition.
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If you get valium, give the kitty a test dose before leaving on your trip. They should also feel that everything's normal after a while. She doesn't adapt to change well was hoping to somehow have her asleep during the drive , but I know that a lot of outdoor cats try and find their way back to their old home. I have a table in front of one, bar stool, desk, freezer in front of the others so he has to jump to each level. She was happy coming in but when she realized that any attempts at escaping were thwarted she became very aggressive scratching and biting anyone who came near. Less stress for me that's for sure. After the weeks were up they would go outside and explore.
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We also made sure to get him several new toys and spend time each day to play with him so he gets lots of exercise. I've never moved with a cat, but we did once adopt a cat from a nearby animal shelter.
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Remembering this and planning ahead can help your cat to have a Moving home can be traumatic for an indoor cat who may not be used to. However, we're looking to move to an apartment about four hours away. We were thinking of transitioning her to an indoor cat, at least for a. Answer. Hi – thanks for your email. Here are a few tips to help you transition your indoor/outdoor cats to a new location. In general, the rule of thumb is if your.
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