How to make your cat cuddle

Of course, there are lots how to make your cat cuddle feisty, fearless cats that thrive in households with kids, dogs and lots of noise and activity. Having consistently positive and gentle interactions fosters trust. I always joke that my cat hates me because she growls whenever I pick her up. Feed a fresh, nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate diet. Use interactive, non-threatening toys that encourage his natural instinct to stalk prey. After adopting her at the shelter, she was very stand-offish and afraid.
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So you have to be patient. Spend extra time with your cat, letting her see you not as her owner but as her friend, meal provider and guardian. Once she gets used to all this attention, she might very well start seeking it out from you.

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11 Ways to Train Your Cat to Be More Snuggly

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However, this is far from an ideal environment for a timid kitty. Grooming your cat is another way to build a relationship with him. When he approaches you, offer a treat.

11 Ways to Train Your Cat to Be More Snuggly

One question I'm commonly asked about is whether it's possible to turn a reluctant cat into a lap cat. Many people have visions of sitting in a. How to Convert Your Reclusive Cat to a Cuddly Lap Kitty Another reason why some cats do not take well to the job of being lap cats is to do with inherited. Just use some of the ideas below, which are all easy to do, and your cat will hopefully begin to be more happy with petting and cuddles in no.
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Reward your cat whenever he approaches you for some loving or settles in next to you or on your lap. DO help with grooming Cats are big into grooming. Let your cat choose to interact with you on her terms.

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Some cats are natural lap accessories, eager to claim their fave space, but others dislike being picked up and will resist if you keep trying. It's important to gain your cat's trust, and caring for his basic needs on a regular timetable will go a long way toward helping him feel more comfortable. Your email address will not be published. Holding your cat on your lap is the ultimate joyous feline experience. Stroking adoptable cats at a shelter or rescue group will give those kitties hope and happiness, socializing them in the process. This generous use of a kindly touch will make you even more expert when it comes cuddling up to your own cat.
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Your blogs have given me faith that I can win over my little guy, and have him be the cuddly lap-buddy he once was.
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Cure even the shyest cat, and learn how to make your kitty more Some cats are antisocial when it comes to being picked up, cuddled or. 5 Ways to Turn Your Kitty Into a Lap Cat Grooming, petting and, yes, bribing with treats may help convince your cat to cuddle with you. The occasional healthy treat? These things can help turn a huffy cat into a relaxed one willing to cuddle up at night or for a quick session on your lap.
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