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Smart and observant Manx cats are quick to join in on social gatherings and games. Some cats nice cat breed more suited to an indoor environment than others. This breed is not big on exploring, preferring to follow owners around the house and stay within petting distance. Nice cat breed Bombay is inquisitive, affectionate and congenial with people and other pets. How much grooming would your cat receive each week? Many breeds come in a variety of coat colours.
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Jacqui Bennett, who handles the Cat Fanciers Association Education Ring and is a longtime all-breed judge, kindly spoke to us about her expert views.

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12 Friendliest Cat Breeds

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Once they feel settled, they are quick to come out and accept their cuddles. Developed in the s in California, the Ragdoll has beautiful blue eyes and an eager-to-please attitude.

10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Use OPTIMUM's cat breed selector to help find out which cat is best for you and your home. Take our short questionnaire to help you decide. Don't think friendly, affectionate and playful cat breeds exist? Think again! | Don't They are nice to other cats, dogs and kids. There's no one. Exotic Shorthair. Lifespan: years. 1. Popularity. No. Hypoallergenic. Pounds(Max). Origin: United States. See Details. 1. Rank. Quiet. Lovely.
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If you are looking for a cat with limitless affection and an undying sense of adventure, the Cornish Rex is for you. More interested in people than most other cat breeds are, the Ragdoll is semi-longhaired, substantial in size — and the breed comes from free-roaming, non-pedigreed cats whose common trait was a sweet temperament. The Burmese is soft-spoken but persistent, and never fails to communicate the desire for plenty of gentle stroking.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Families

How much grooming would your cat receive each week? Some breeds are noted for being vocal, and can have very loud voices. It's fair to say that cats can be curious creatures, but the aloof and antisocial stereotypes that some place on felines are unreasonable. Would you prefer your cats physique to be Larger Smaller No Preference. This beauty with the multi-layered coat and often massive size will fill your lap with purring warmth. Manx The Manx is known for not having a tail, but that doesn't stop this breed from socializing. You may be after a hairless cat because of an allergy.
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Persian Like their squished-faced relatives the Exotic Shorthairs, the Persian is a gentle breed that lives for a good petting session. Unlike the Exotic Shorthair, the Abyssinian is all about activity.
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Who doesn't love petting a cute cat, or cuddling with an adorable kitten? While every feline is fetching in his or her own right, there are a few that tend to stand. If you're looking for a kitty who will be friendlier than your average cat, these breeds might do the trick. Don't think friendly, affectionate and playful cat breeds exist? Think again!.
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