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Anus-licking is the best way cats and most mammals, for that matter have to remove extraneous "debris", post-defecation - their little paws just couldn't manage toilet paper, are cats clean if cat scientists developed it. Their fur, as zadcat says, smells good naturally, unlike dogs which are cats clean get very stinky in a very short time. Cats are naturally meticulous creatures. It's are cats clean to see because he's a jet black cat with a pearly white butthole. If your cat accidentally steps into dog mess on the sidewalk, for example, you definitely might want to step in and give her a nice, old-fashioned bath! When it comes to cleanliness in the people world, a lot of accessories are needed, from body wash and shampoo to a working shower!
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Not to be snarky, but you sound biased against cats to begin with. So you could call cats "cleaner" than rats by judging their grooming habits, but that doesn't really mean anything.

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Don't forget my favorite cat-born disease agent, T. Cats are clean and actually have a form of antiseptic in their own saliva, rendering them, their bodies and offspring meticulous.

Do Cats Get Really Clean by Licking Themselves?

Not buying this "cats are clean" nonsense November 16, PM Subscribe. Are cats really as clean as everyone says? because if I had a friend who. Quite a few pet owners choose cats over dogs because "cats are so clean." And it's true: a normal cat can spend as much as 50% of their. Do cats make better pets than dogs? We're Cats are naturally very clean creatures–and one of their instincts is to bury their pee and poop.
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I've got no use for cats, honestly.

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Using a Litter Mat To help ease the problems of dirty cat paws, you can also buy special litter mats that diminish the issue. But let's stretch your analogy: Human beings have more tools and techniques for personal grooming than any animal in the history of the planet earth, and in some sense we are the cleanest animals ever to have existed, yet we still engage in habits we cannot break that continue to expose us to "germs" money passing between hands is a great example, as given above by Nixie Pixel. They are, in a very real way, our children, yet we probably end up better off health-wise than actual human children since we don't have to worry about school-borne infections coming home. When a cat sits, things kind of skrinch up and fold under. You can lose a limb, or worse, from a simple cat bite.
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And, as noted, their saliva is inherently germicidal. I've yet to see a cat who didn't practice fastidious grooming.
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I'm going to disagree with the other responders. While a cat is clean in terms of personality, it is not more clean than other animals. Cats groom themselves. Do cats make better pets than dogs? We're Cats are naturally very clean creatures–and one of their instincts is to bury their pee and poop. Ive noticed that lots of people see cats as realy unclean animals, and that if you have them your work tops must be full of, well, poo lol We have.
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