How to control cat hair

Clipping the coat to a shorter more manageable length makes daily maintenance easier. Article provided by PetPlace. Shed-less Cats Photo Credit: Though perhaps not an ideal solution, you can cover your furniture with a sheet, blanket, or slipcover. Upload a picture for other readers to see.
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Also, there are shedding treatments available where special baths, brushing, and drying methods remove excess hair and last for several weeks. If so, how much and how often?

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Dealing With Cat Hair - CatTime

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Pet hair is more of a problem in cars with cloth seats.

How to stop a cat from shedding so much

There's no way to stop cat shedding, but if your home has been overrun with cat fur, veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker has suggestions for keeping. Brush your cat on a regular basis. Brush your cat for five to ten minutes at least once a week to manage shedding. If your cat has long hair or sheds heavily, you . If cleaning up pet hair is part of your everyday life, there are some strategies that can help you reduce the amount of hair in your house, car, clothes and furniture.
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Method 2 Quiz True or False. As you run the roller over your clothes, it picks up the hair and it sticks to the tape.

Is your cat shedding excessively or is it normal?

Get a cat bed. Since the goal of a cat bed is to keep your cat away from your furniture, placing a cat bed on your furniture is not a good idea. A visit to a professional groomer may be necessary for cats with long, thick fur or for cats that react aggressively to grooming. While brushing a short haired cat once per week may be enough, a cat with long hair will need more attention. Some sources say that you can bathe your cat to reduce shedding. Article provided by PetPlace.
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The cat bed might smell a bit odd to your cat. Take your cat to a veterinarian if you notice these issues. No, over-grooming won't lead to shedding.
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Ugh, cat hair. The bane of my existence. But fear not, I've become an expert at cleaning and controlling it. Find my tips here!. If cleaning up pet hair is part of your everyday life, there are some strategies that can help you reduce the amount of hair in your house, car, clothes and furniture. Accept it, then consider these ways to contain cat hair the best you can. So brushing your cat will reduce the amount of fur your cat ingests.
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