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How did the researchers interpret the results? The authors of this study reviewed the cat bite swollen hand for their hospital the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic for the three year period between January and December to look at all people treated for cat bites to the hand. Wound infection of a thumb tip after a human bite. Infections occur more frequently in cat bites because cats have sharp, pointed teeth that cause deep wounds. They cannot tell us how common cat bites are, or what proportion of people cat bite swollen hand receive a cat bite or nip to the hand in the outside world seek medical attention as those who did not present to hospital are not includednor what proportion of all people who have a cat bite to the hand need to have surgical treatment. Outpatient antibiotic treatment did not work in 21 patients and these patients had to be hospitalised.
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The many other people who may have received cat bites or nips and not sought medical treatment are not included. Complications from infection included abscesses in six people , involvement of tendons 14 people , involvement of nerves two people , and loss of joint mobility 14 people. CSD is more serious for people who have weakened immune systems.

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Inaccurate reporting of cat bite dangers - NHS

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In some cases, treatment with an antibiotic is necessary. CSD is more serious for people who have weakened immune systems. A complete and honest account of the events will help your doctor treat you properly.

Inaccurate reporting of cat bite dangers

Mr. H, age 45 years, presented to the clinic following a cat bite to his right hand 14 hours prior. The family cat lunged at him and bit and. What is it about cats that make their bite wounds so prone to infection? Their teeth are sharp and make relatively deep puncture wounds. Cat bites of the hand in particular represent a potentially devastating problem in terms of wound infection and long-term disability if not treated appropriately.
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Generally, CSD is not serious and medical treatment might not be needed.

Common Conditions

X-rays may be used to identify any damage to the hand and to look for tooth fragments. Getting treatment quickly can minimize the risk of problems. Follow-up care is crucial in the case of animal bites to ensure that infection is controlled or has not developed and to restore function to the hand. Your doctor will examine the wound and ask about how the injury occurred. Many times, these bites are the result of a fist fight. Do not touch stray or feral cats. Published online February
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An infected person can also have a fever, headache, poor appetite, and feel tired. This study reports the experience of the Mayo Clinic in the US over a three year period, during which time people presented with a cat bite to the hand. Tetanus cover is often needed as well.
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Cat bites of the hand in particular represent a potentially devastating problem in terms of wound infection and long-term disability if not treated appropriately. Animal bites on your hand and fingers are common, especially from pets like dogs and cats. Though these injuries are typically not. may bite if it is very frightened or in pain. It is estimated that % of cat bite wounds become infected. Never let a cat play with your hands, feet or hair.
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