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Our kittens adjust to new homes easily fitting in and making themselves at home. Our Thai Old Style Siamese kittens are hand raised in our persian cat breeder los angeles home and we now have several litters a year, spaced out appropriately, so all of the kittens get plenty of nurturing and attention. They both have white undercoats but the Chinchilla silver just has silver tips on the very ends of the hairshaft making it appear more like a white cat, whereas the Shaded Silver has the tipping going down further persian cat breeder los angeles the hairshaft for some darker highlights. Ultamint Silvers — Shaded Silver persian kittens for sale, Chinchilla persian kittens for sale Persian. Breeding cats is something that I have known I wanted to do all my life. Siberian Cats California — We are a hairless cat personality cattery specializing in the California market. Please visit my website to learn more about this amazing breed of cat.
Snowball - Age: 25
Price - 84$

Breeding cats is something that I have known I wanted to do all my life.

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Cherrybirdie Cattery: Persian and Himalayan cats and kittens

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Happily raised in a loving home with a small dog. We are breeding first and foremost for Health and when possible, the Show Standard. Thank you for visiting us!

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when contacting! Beverly Hills, California» Persian» Want to own one of the most beautiful cats in the world? Los Angeles, California» Persian». $1, Persipals is a small exclusive Persian Cattery located in Los Angeles, CA. and we are very careful in our breeding to ensure that our cats and kittens are safe. Cherrybirdie is owned and operated by myself and my husband, Cheryl and David Riley and I have been breeding cats since , showing them since .
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Rascal - Age: 30
Price - 97$

All of the Sphynx.

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At this point they also start taking a lot of trips with us — school, church choir, softball and basketball games, and to relatives homes and birthday parties. If you are looking for a specific deluxe listing, click the name below to jump directly to that deluxe listing. We are proud members of TICA. Catherine Musgrave E-mail: Fancyfriends has been breeding since , We are well known for our sweet, well socialized, healthy and beautiful cats with that sweet open expression.
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Stella - Age: 32
Price - 54$

They will also be sent home with samples of food that they have been eating.
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I specialize in quality Exotics which are the shorthaired version of the Persian cat. I'm focused on raising quality Exotics for showing and breeding, and I show. Hollywood Persian Kittens are CFA registered and from Grand Champion and Regional Our cats and kittens are PKD negative, and have no genetic issues. Trying to buy a Persian kitten or cat in California? Click here to see our listings of every Persian cat breeder near you. Makana. Los Angeles.
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