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imaqtpie makes smallcat squeak : LivestreamFail

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Yeah, short cuts often when they're calm is way better than the "wait til you get murdered then wrestle the cat." The quick recedes into the claw. If small cat counts as a content creator, I think this could be allowed under "News about or affecting a content creator's League of Legends. Welcome to /r/LivestreamFail: the place for almost anything livestream related. We Streamable / Neatclips / Twitch clips, GIFs and VoDs. No.
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The list can be found posted under the rules section and in the wiki. I want to stay home and cuddle kitties while playing OSRS all day. Please follow the rules below.

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two of my bunnies died not to long ago so I know the pain, really sorry to hear that . deleted my feelsbadman tweet because it offended people. Yeah, short cuts often when they're calm is way better than the "wait til you get murdered then wrestle the cat." The quick recedes into the claw. Small cat just sits here all day staring at me Stop judging me small maniskitchenworks.comr. com/nzfQKAuuEY. PM - 21 Apr Retweets; Likes; Kyler.
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  •   Mizahn 25.08.2019

    Tom left. The sun was very hot on his face. He had no more money, and he wanted to go home. ‘I’m not afraid,’ he thought. ‘I don’t go on journeys. I won’t go anywhere next Friday. Every day is the same to me. I haven’t got a job, so I don’t go anywhere.’

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  •   Mekus 24.07.2019

    «Can I have a look at one?»

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  •   Yojinn 12.06.2019

    ‘You’ve cut off your hair?’ asked Jim.

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  •   Nizil 22.04.2019

    There was a big, happy smile on that policeman’s face. ‘Well,’ he said, it’s got your name on it. Look!’ So I looked, and of course there was my name, and yes, of course it was my bag. So how did 200,000 American dollars get in my bag?

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  •   Aragis 15.08.2019

    ‘What? Me? Why? What’s the matter?’

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  •   Maull 31.10.2019

    And then Delia remembered. She jumped up and cried, ‘Oh! Oh!’ She ran to get Jim’s beautiful present,

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  •   Zolobar 21.10.2019

    One of the men who came to Bogle’s was a young man called Mr Seeders. He was a small, thin man, and he worked in an office. He knew that Aileen was not interested in him, so he sat at one of Tildy’s tables, said nothing, and ate his fish.

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