How to file a complaint against a neighbor

Is there any legal way to solve this kind of problems as nobody in my neighborhood is ready to speak against her because of her threats. Threatens other neighbours not to visit our house. Provide information about the incident to the police, going into details to help police officers determine whether they should pursue the issue. Honk horns all hours of the night. Kindly advice me some suggestions. Hi, you have to lodge police complaint and if the police has not taken any action then lodge private complaint under section Cr. She even yelled how to file a complaint against a neighbor my mother one time when she was at my house.
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He is behaving very rudely and beating us because of his money power he had contacts with polices and he can take call log and harrising us very badly we want to die because of him please help us. Inserted cameras every where to take note of the activities of other people. Some call police on her but she blames me for that too.

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How to File a Complaint Against a Neighbor |

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I have only said one thing to Sherri and that was to leave me alone and that was last year. My neighbour is spitting in my door, throwing dust in door and say bad words to me and my family…. Threatens other neighbours not to visit our house.

How to File a Complaint Against a Neighbor

Calling the police to file an official report against a neighbor is something this If you call the police about a noise complaint, they may ask you – have you tried. The most common issues tend to be addressed in your lease, with noise and smells being common complaints. Harassment—such as physical. I'm trying to compile a Report to File with several Agencies against him for the specific things he has been doing including the violations of City Codes and other.
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Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. I have evidence of the false statements she made.

Is Calling Police an Option?

A paper trail of complaints and a log of incidents will help you build your case if you wind up breaking your lease and your landlord sues you for it. Their neighbors are harassing them by throwing some seeds like substance daily on roof. I never even did anything to her to deserve all of this nightmare either. I think she is crazy too and other people do too. He says we have political power and gundas also are give money and alcohols to poor ladies and man they come and doing nude dance in front of ur gate and start bad wordings and shouting very badly we want to die because of him please help us no one can help us. A judge can also make your harasser pay a fine or other restitution, and can have him or her arrested, if the order of protection is not observed. Police will act now and your neighbour will expectedly behave properly.
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Though this is not a crime but i am feeling stressed about it coz i have done nothing…. Hire a lawyer Hire a lawyer for a fixed price. She lied under oath to take out protection order and when in court, just shows the type of person she is.
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If you are being disturbed by a noisy neighbor and have tried to rectify matters A safe bet is to file a noise complaint. How to File Complaint with the Police. We discovered more than a third of complaints submitted through "Everybody has a right to complain, no matter how many times they can do. Filing a complaint against a neighbour or landlord - charged a fee.
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