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Einstein often known as "Einie" was Dr. Extending to Dog in back to the future dislike of dogs in the B timeline, the Hill Valley Courthouse had two dog statues. After the terrorists murdered Doc, and chased Marty around the parking lot until he disappeared back toDog in back to the future stayed in the truck, probably scared of the gunfire. Several plot points of the animated series revolve around either Jules or Verne altering history and the steps necessary to correct the damage. The Gameand voiced by Dan Castellaneta in the animated series is the inventor of the DeLorean time machine. The sound of barking dogs can be heard in the background of Back to the Future in various scenes:. He also enjoys liver treats given to him by Doc.
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He eventually builds another time machine out of a steam locomotive, and the Browns return to in order to pick up Einstein before setting out for another adventure.

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He was nicknamed "Mad Dog" by a newspaper reporter, due to his violent temper and propensity for drooling, a nickname Tannen greatly despises.


In Back to the Future, Einstein was portrayed by a dog named Tiger, trained by animal trainer Richard Calkins. Twenty-eight dog years later. Alexis Erickson, Owner, handler, trainer and lover of dogs In the animated series based on Back to the Future, Einstein goes from helpful sidekick to a major . The 's trilogy, “Back two the Future” featured to friends, Dr. Emmet Brown ( Christopher Loyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and their.
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Despite being intelligent and logical for the most part, Doc is somewhat naive at times about the unknown possible uses of his time machine, initially actively explores the course of the world's future and tries to alter the past or future of the principal characters to improve their lives. Wilson in the films and animated series and voiced by Kid Beyond in Back to the Future:

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Fortunately, much to the relief of any dogs that happened to be around Hill Valley at the time, Doc did not put this to the test. However, in the animated series, Ziff says that both he and Griff are Tannens. Einstein was Doc's constant companion, and despite being using the dog in many of his experiments, Doc did care about his pet deeply since apart from Marty and Jennifer , Einstein appears to have been Doc's only friend , and he would not compromise his friend's safety. Edna Strickland had a great deal of contempt for dogs, and even had them banned under the Hill Valley Code in the B timeline on the grounds of them carrying disease and stealing shoes. After several more revisions to the timeline, she had taken a liking to dogs and even walked Einstein on a regular basis. Happy to be revered as 'cool', Doc hired Marty as his part-time lab assistant.
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A campaign poster shows the name Goldie in quotation marks, suggesting Goldie is a nickname , presumably in reference to his gold tooth. The Pinball Back in Time. Match often has a match sticking out of his mouth; Skinhead has very short, close-cropped hair; 3-D is always wearing a pair of anaglyphic 3-D glasses a reference to the 3-D movies that were popular in the s.
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Buford Tannen (portrayed by Thomas F. Wilson in Back to the Future Part III) is the main antagonist of the. Alexis Erickson, Owner, handler, trainer and lover of dogs In the animated series based on Back to the Future, Einstein goes from helpful sidekick to a major . Dogs are canine creatures that could be domesticated. Also, in Back to the Future Part II, a pack of dogs are seen roaming Lyon Estates in A.
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