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Was this answer helpful? If pain and swelling continues she should be assessed by your vet for diagnosis and An adoring and attentive cat is what every owner wants. While your cat may not be crying out in pain, small changes in behavior can be an indication that something serious is wrong with your cat. In summary, FCV clearly has the ability to cause a transient polyarthritis inflammation affecting more than one joint in cats, and most commonly in young kittens. If cat limping back leg cat is limping due to injury, it is important to notice the cat limping back leg of the leg your cat is favoring and if any physical trauma is visible.
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The transient lameness associated with FCV has acquired the name 'limping syndrome'. It seems that certain strains of FCV have a greater propensity to cause lameness than others.

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Limping syndrome and feline calicivirus | International Cat Care

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It could be the result of a fight, a snake bite, being struck by a vehicle, and more.

My Cat is Limping (But Not Crying or in Pain)

My cat has been limping and when I touch his leg it was start shaking, also when I . My year old cat really likes to play outside during the day and comes back. While we may sometimes see cats limping or favouring one leg or another, or the position of his back legs when he stands may look different. It's absolutely possible for young and seemingly healthy cats to start limping on either a front or back leg out of the blue. The symptoms can be.
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For example, your cat is favoring a paw rather than the entire leg.

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Do not wait for your cat to reveal the issue if you have reason to suspect that something is wrong. Your cat could be limping due to painful joints, muscles, bones, nerves, infection or injury. FCV was confirmed as a cause of lameness during early observations that showed kittens infected with FCV from other cats with limping syndrome developed pyrexia, depression and inappetence within days. A cat vomiting is worrying, but the cause can usually be identified. Not really Yes, It was.
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I recommend calling your veterinarian and getting your pet seen right away. Ingrown toenails are hard to see when cats have long fur that extends beyond the end of the foot. An injured limb must be handled with extreme caution.
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In this article, we will explore the primary reasons why cats limp, the Obvious limping or struggling to walk on the back legs can be a sign of a. My cat has been limping and when I touch his leg it was start shaking, also when I . My year old cat really likes to play outside during the day and comes back. A minor cut or laceration on your cat's leg or paw can cause it to limp. . Broken bones; Dislocated bones; Back injuries; Tick, spider, and snake bites; Arthritis.
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