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Crazy Cat Lady title!!! For your reference, here are what are — in my opinion — the best-of-the-best crazy cat lady title wow in-game titles for Druids: This means i am a crazy cat man November 4th, Pet Score: I have lived inside the Class Challenge connected to the Mage Tower since it was possible, attempting to overcome End of The Risen Threat to get that Owl-look skin, because it feels so Druidic. December 13th, Pet Score: This, fellow cat collectors, is a great day.
Shelby - Age: 34
Price - 143$

October 1st, Pet Score: And yes, there will be "Crazy Cat Man" for the non-ladies amoung us. Of course, not all players feel the need to pursue this particular avenue of achievement.

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Crazy Cat Lady! : RolePlay, Music Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns

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At my last job, I was friends with the Art Manager, and he was in charge of printing our business cards.

Crazy Cat Lady!

I just want the title (and as anyone can see by looking at it and following my latest achievements, I've Cat very fresh, you very smart lady. EDIT: have the achievement now! thanks for the help!:D Hi! I'm looking for help with finishing the Crazy for Cats achievement so I can get the. There is a "Crazy Cat Lady" title coming in , I'm SO excited, I can't wait for the patch now! Am I officially insane because from that list, I'm only.
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Jesse - Age: 30
Price - 82$

April 30th, Pet Score:

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When asked why his character sports no title at all, Mr. Visit my pet battle blog: Haha, what a coinsidence — That business card must have looked hilarious! Sisters of Elune-US Re: There is a "Crazy Cat Lady" title coming in 5. Earned when you get the Restoration artifact; the only artifact which confers a title. Crazy for Cats Obtain 20 of the cats listed below.
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Princess - Age: 33
Price - 53$

December 13th, Pet Score: This means i am a crazy cat man Haha, what a coinsidence — That business card must have looked hilarious!
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The Crazy Cat Man/Lady: Show your love for the cats of Azeroth by collecting 20 of them to earn this title. Whether you want to advertise this. the Crazy Cat Lady · the Crazy Cat Man · the Darkener · the Death Stalker · the Diplomat · the Dissector. WoW Freakz, greatest Legion and Mists of Pandaria private servers, customizable rates. the Crazy Cat Lady. See on wowhead | See all titles list.
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