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Chrissie R 10 months ago. If a cat's ears lay back against her head when you approach, she crouches and moves backward, her eyes widen and pupils dilate, or she growls or hisses, leave her alone. Some people obviously have never had pets, let alone a cat. Share it with your friends tweet email. Rub your cat gently along the underside of the chin, especially where the jawbone connects to the skull. If you have a cat that seems to want you to pet best way to pet a cat but then turns to snap at you suddenly, check out the article " Petting Induced Aggression in Cats.
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If not, the odds are that your cat or someone else's will try to teach you. Karen K 4 years ago.

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4 Best Places To Pet Your Cat -- And 1 To Leave Alone | Care2 Healthy Living

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Marianne R 4 years ago. I lived to tell the tale, but it wasn't pretty. They come out with the strangest I think remarks such as - 'Can you tell your cat not to walk on my car?

4 Best Places to Pet Your Cat — and 1 to Leave Alone

As a result, if you truly want to cozy up to a cat, you need to be sure that you have the right approach. Not all petting methods, for example, are. There are some major factors and minor factors that generally determine how a particular cat likes to be petted. Some of the major ones are: * Personality Is it an . 4 Best Places to Pet Your Cat — and 1 to Leave Alone the cats were employed keeping mice and other vermin from taking over the place.
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Marianne R 4 years ago. When we came home from somewhere the first thing he did was lay on his back waiting for a belly rub.

What the Research Has Shown

To a mouse, a cat is an effective killing machine. Like the area underneath the chin, this spot is great for scent-marking. Work your way through these kitty hot spots, and the love you share will only grow. Especially if you're dealing with a cat that you don't know, it's important to watch her body language. First, the researchers videotaped 36 cats in their homes on two separate days. Turns out she was pregnant. Chrissie R 10 months ago.
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If she starts flicking her tail in a jerky manner, she doesn't like what's going on.
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4 Best Places to Pet Your Cat — and 1 to Leave Alone the cats were employed keeping mice and other vermin from taking over the place. If she is standing off, not approaching you, with a stiff body posture, it's best not to attempt to pet her or to do so slowly. If a cat's ears lay back against her head. The pets are for the cat, so let it run the show. It can make the cat feel great, and it's a good way to detect the.
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