Soft paws nail caps

I would definitely recommend to others that want to protect furniture or even yourself. Our kitten doesn't even mess with them. However, no issues have occurred! Work well, stayed on. Trim your pet's Nail Tip until the nail cap can fit all the way to the base of the nail. I reccomend them if you are sick of saying "no" soft paws nail caps of times a day.
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Soft Claws is a practical, easy solution that allows you and your cat to be happy. The caps were super easy to put on. Great for protecting hardwood floors from those problem dog scratches.

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What makes them so great?

Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats, 40 Count

Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps. The simple solution to destructive scratching; Easy to use: simply trim claws, add adhesive and apply; Does not interfere with the. Grooming & Bathing · Grooming Supplies · Nail Care · Nail Caps. Soft Claws Pink Cat Nail Caps. Roll over Soft Claws Pink Cat Nail Caps. By: Soft Claws. Feb 12, You may be tempted to try cat claw caps — but be warned: cat claw caps you're most likely to see them from a company called Soft Paws.
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Most people are looking for alternatives to this procedure and nail caps are the effective and humane alternative to declawing. They are durable and easy to apply. That is enough for 4 full applications on the front claws and will last months.

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The cat will actually allow me to put them on without too much fuss-most of the time. My cats looks very fancy with their color claws! However, I will keep using them because it's better than declawing, which it out of the question. These work and last quite a while about 5 weeks before beginning to fall off. The 40 pack won't last long at this rate.
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Perfect for small dogs that like to cuddle.
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I was concerned initially that putting the Soft Claws on my cats would cause . These nail caps are great, keep the cat from scratching the carpet and furniture. Protect homes against destructive scratching by applying Soft Claws nail caps to pets' nails; Easy-to-apply caps last weeks and will not interfere with pet's. The humane alternative to declawing, SoftClaws nail caps help protect from damage caused by Soft Claws - The Purrfect Solution to Problem Cat Scratching.
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