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Again, due to their rarity, you are very unlikely to have found a stray Khao Manee. Pawpeds Khao Manee online pedigree database. The odd eyed Khao Manee is the rarest variety. The Khao Manee is known for their bewitching, almost hypnotic look. Khao manee kittens Wat Arun is the one of the important temple in Bangkok. Janet Poulsen added 11 new photos to the album Odyssey AA litter born khao manee kittens
Alice - Age: 18
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Sexual dimorphism is very important in the Khao Manee. In the shape of a gem, their eyes look like jewels set in marble.

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Breeders in the West are working to promote and establish foundation lines for the Khao Manee, as well as acquire registration acceptance through several cat associations.

Khao Manee Cat

We are have kittens!! Evita A litter: Ashazen Sawaet Manee and Snowtrees Acamar born Three females and one male. Asrapat f, straight tail, available;. WhiteGem Khao Manee Cats - Tuscarawas St W., Canton, Ohio - Rated 5 based on 45 Reviews We recently purchased a kitten from WhiteGem. Five beautiful Khao Manee boys will be looking for a new home the middle of . If you are interested in purchasing a Khao Manee kitten or cat please look at the.
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Tabitha - Age: 33
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This would result in a cat that resembles the Khao Manee both phenotypically appearance and genotypically genetics.


The Khao Manee is a breed originally from Thailand. They are known for their short hair and white fur. Khao Mani , lit. Again, due to their rarity, you are very unlikely to have found a stray Khao Manee. This article needs additional citations for verification. If you have to ask, then it is very unlikely your cat is a Khao Manee, unless you happen to live in Thailand. Their head is also thin and triangular in shape, with rather rounded lines and prominent cheekbones.
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Timmy - Age: 33
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Although the breed is well known in its native land it has only recently been adopted by Western cat breeders, gaining " registration only " status from TICA in May
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The Khao Manee kittens and cats are a medium-sized breed, growing to between 10 and 12 inches and weighing between 8 and 10 pounds. Our cats are purebred Thailand, all white, Khao Manee Cats for Sale that may traits include small, highly intelligent, athletic, people loving kittens and cats. The Khao Manee cat or kitten finds their roots in Thailand. Originally called the “ Khaao Plort”, meaning “all white”, their current name means “white gem”.
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