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To resend the verification email, please enter your email address and click Submit. Strawn kills Frankie, and when the townspeople refuse to bring Strawn to justice, Catherine becomes a revenge-seeking outlaw known as Cat Ballou. Joe Hamilton as Frenchie. I've seen better women westerns than this, so this movie felt very silly and cat ballou cast. Sony Cat ballou cast Channel [United States]. With Sir Harry dead, there's no hope for Wolf City's future, and the townspeople have no mercy for Cat.
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Post Share on Facebook. The Best '60s Western Movie. Cat Balou uncredited Tom Steele

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Townsman uncredited Ivan L. Lee Marvin as Tim Strawn. In his acceptance speech at the Academy Awards ceremony, Marvin gave thanks where thanks was due.

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Jane Fonda as "Catherine" Cat Ballou – Daughter; Lee Marvin as Kid Shelleen ( and) Tim Strawn; Michael Callan as Clay Boone – Nephew. as Catherine 'Cat' Ballou. Lee Marvin as Tim Strawn. Michael Callan as Clay Boone. Dwayne Hickman as Jed Beaumont. Nat 'King' Cole. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of Cat Ballou with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at
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Banjo Player uncredited Robert Phillips Views Read Edit View history. Townsman uncredited Jack Gordon

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The Kids Are Alright. Townsman uncredited Jack Gordon Minor Role uncredited Jack Lilley Cat Ballou Michael Callan Choose a new password: Jackson Two-Bears John Marley
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Cat Ballou Michael Callan Cat Ballou theatrical release poster. He had a story about everything and everybody.
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Jane Fonda as "Catherine" Cat Ballou – Daughter; Lee Marvin as Kid Shelleen ( and) Tim Strawn; Michael Callan as Clay Boone – Nephew. Cast. Jane Fonda: Cat Ballou; Lee Marvin: Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn; Michael Callan: Clay Boone; Dwayne Hickman: Jed; Nat "King" Cole: Shouter; Stubby Kaye. In mid-September the cast and crew of Cat Ballou flew to Colorado to begin shooting. They had to work fast for the location shots since they needed to beat.
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