Manis Kitchenworks offers clients a chance to create wholesome and delicious meals in their own kitchen with the guidance of a long-time chef and educator. We want to teach you how to cook food that looks beautiful, tastes delicious, and feels wonderful for your body. We can empower you to create delicious meals that feature fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, nutritious oils, juices, and herbs.

Who is Manis Kitchenworks? 

Manis Kitchenworks was created by vegetarian chef and educator Andrea Bertoli, the blogger behind Vibrant Wellness Journal. Andrea is a long-time vegetarian and has been cooking and baking for many years. She has taught hundreds of classes, demonstrations, and workshops for Down to Earth, a Hawaii-based health food store. This position has allowed her to gain the knowledge and experience that can help everyone find delicious ways to incorporate healthy, delicious foods into their diet- and have fun in the process! With a comprehensive background in vegetarian and vegan food preparation, nutrition, and cooking, she can get you in the kitchen quickly making your own amazing meals! Services include nutritional counseling, meal planning, and personalized cooking classes.

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